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Measurements. Meters, feet, yards, centimeters, Fahrenheit, miles, liters, cups, minutes, days, hours. We are surrounded by measurements. We need measurements. If we didn’t have them then we would be incessantly late or always early, our cakes would be disgustingly flat and bland, and we would have no idea if we needed a small, medium, or large in that cute shirt. But sadly, we have become people obsessed by measurement. And not the “how many feet in a yard” type of…


Anyone who knows me for even just over an hour will learn that I am completely and truly a full-blooded optimist. The glass is not only half-full, but it is overflowing and splashing delightfully onto the countertop, and running onto the floor. And oh, what a lovely puddle it makes. I used to think while conversing with people who spoke of the downward spiral of the economy, the loss of virtue in America, the destruction of our environment, the constant…


At 10,400 ft with an average snowfall of 14 feet per season, spring in the mountains of Colorado can look more like a brown and white mess than your normal green-fields-bursting-with-lush-grass-sunshine-and-tulips. Here, we call Spring Mud Season, and rightly so. The feet of snow give way to rushing brown rivets of water, jeans heavy and wet with melted snow, slush, boots caked with thick mud, more slush, cars and trucks all various shades of brown, even more slush, mud-splattered-happy dogs,…


My daughter, Ella, when she was little, asked me one morning on the way home from school, “Why do stuffed animals get ruined the more you love them?” And when she asked me this I couldn’t help but think of the stuffed animal in question. She was holding up Gracie’s favorite stuffed animal—her  sock monkey named Jer-Jer. When Gracie was little, this monkey accompanied her everywhere and was rarely out of her embrace. And he looked it. His arms have…

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