Aug 20

Cleaning…or something like that

Photo 232People that know me, know that I’m not particularly overly organized or clean. I believe heartily in my method of putting my clothes away. Yes, the “roll it into a tiny ball and stuff it in the drawer and then lean on the drawer as hard as you can” method really does work. True, I hate it when my kitchen is dirty or my living room is full of paper, magazines, and so many cups that the room looks like it was part of the set for the movie SIGNS, still, I pick up all the clutter, wipe down the counters, and heave a sigh.

Clean…or something like that.

Not really, I’ve found. And knowing that my mom is coming for a visit tomorrow only seems to illuminate ever dust particle floating through the air. Now, my mom isn’t necessarily very clean either and I do have to say that my closet is MUCH, MUCH cleaner than hers (love you mom!) and my sisters will agree, but still, when someone is coming to visit, I start to notice all the mess that has been growing steadily kind of like a moldy piece of cheese. I take stock in the fact that a spider moved in a while ago, and invited all his friends and relatives and acquiantances to visit for a while and that the little arachnid family has seen birth, life, and death right above my head. I look around and see that we still have our gingerbread house sitting on top of the cabinets that we made nine or so months ago, and though most likely the Girl Scout cookies are still good (because really, do they ever go bad…seriously, do they?) they’ve been sitting next to the gingerbread house since March and strangely enough, the gingerbread woman is pregnant.

Ah, yes. I will be cleaning today. Washing the sheets, scouring the oven, vacuuming the floor, cleaning the inside of the couch (ummm…why is there star wars underwear stuffed in here rather than rolled into a ball and stuffed into your drawer?). And then, of course, I must tackle the bathroom–yuck. Usually I save the toilet bowl for John to clean…and really he is A LOT better at it than me (or so I’ve convinced him), but today, I fear that it must be done…Because even though the kids are all out of diapers and peeing and pooping all on their own, we’re having a little trouble reminding them to PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, FLUSH THE TOILET!

Anyway, I gotta go.

I have laundry to “fold.” :)

5 Responses to “Cleaning…or something like that”

  • Frank Paul says:

    Loved this post. :) I feel the same way when I have relatives/friends visiting… gotta clean clean clean!

    <3 Frank Paul

  • Wendy says:

    I beg your pardon I am clean. That is why I have a cleaning lady come in every week. HA Ha.

  • Suzanne Brown says:

    Your house is my favorite place to visit because it is a house filled with love and laughing I wouldn’t have it any other way!! Miss you Deez!

  • LIzzy says:

    I use that method of cleaning, but it’s shove everything in the closet, shut the door, and pretend the mess doesn’t exist. The only time I really ever clean (we’re talking rubber gloves, spraying things down, spending hours organizing) is when things get so messy I can’t concentrate anymore.

  • I do the lean and shove with the drawers, I thought I was the only one. I actually sometimes forget to close the low ones and give the hubby bruises on his shins. Gotta get to cleaning myself, my dad is coming tomorrow.

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