Nov 16

A Girl Named Story

Yesterday I was talking to a dear friend who mentioned that her friend from college had just had a little baby girl and they named her Story.


What a beautiful name.

A name that’s full of dragons and princesses, knights and hobbits, wizards and animals, wardrobes and attics, fairies and vampires, beauty and goodness, darkness and evil, truth and light.

I can hardly think of a more magical name for a little girl just coming into a world full to the brim and overflowing with stories.

And now she’s just starting her own story of life. Taking breaths and wailing and staring in wonder at the amazing world around her. A world where she is bound to meet up with dragons and princesses, knights and hobbits, wardrobes and attics, wizards and animals, fairies and vampires, beauty and goodness, darkness and evil, truth and light.

And those last two: truth and light, those are the things that stories do best. They illuminate truth and they emit light so that we can see and understand life and people in a new way. And when we turn the last page of a book that has become a dear friend to us over 300 pages, that story allows us to breath again and to stare in wonderment at the amazing world for the first time all over again—just like a girl named Story.

And I wonder what truth and what light the girl named Story will illuminate in the world as she grows? I do hope that one day I will meet her.

9 Responses to “A Girl Named Story”

  • Anne says:

    Precious! I hope you get to meet Story someday, too…

  • Alexandria says:

    My daughter’s name is Story. :o )

  • Stephanie says:

    so is mine…. Story Grace, age 5 ;)

  • Kay says:

    I have a beautiful 16 year old granddaughter named Story Rose. I felt as if “A Girl Named Story” was written just for me. Thank you~!

  • Clare Colette says:

    I am 18 weeks pregnant with my first child…a baby girl! Me and my fiance were snuggled on the sofa watching the movie “lady in the water”. The girl introduces herself as Story! Me and my other half looked at each other and we just knew that was the name meant for our little girl. Since telling people Ive had some negative comments, but this has just confirmed its the right thing to do. Thank you xxx

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Clare!! Thank you so much for your comment :) And good luck with your sweet baby Story! May she be filled with, above all else, happy ever after :)



  • Christin says:

    Thank you so much for posting this. I am 34 weeks pregnant with my second daughter and 99% sure her name is Story. I was wondering if others would find me ‘abusive’ for doing so, lol. Or if she would endure years of teasing for our choice, especially since ’story’ is an every-day word. But this was such a lovely post, it really made me feel like it *is* the right choice for my girl, no matter what others may think or say. We think ‘Story’ goes well with her big sister’s name, Lyric :)

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