Isn’t this the coolest!? My newest book, Five Times Revenge, will be released on June 7 with Greenwillow!

When I’m writing, I love to try things in different ways. Change the point-of-view, write in a different tense, or sometimes I do the age-old writer technique of “hey, just scrap the entire beginning and start over.” Here’s a few attempts of letting you all in on a little bit about me!

The Short Version

I was born in Cincinnati, grew up in various towns in Pennsylvania, went to college in Oklahoma, and found home in Breckenridge, Colorado. I love to write, read, hike, drink espresso, and attempt to keep my plants alive. I am a laugher and a dreamer. Mix all these together and you get me–a lucky writer of middle grade fiction.

I am agented by the amazing Rebecca Sherman of Writers House.

Photo 9The Longer Version

I am married to a man with a smile so wide it makes his eyes water and take on the shape of half moons. Together we have four kids who make every day an adventure in love, in laughter, in mystery, and in wonder.

Other little facts? We have a two great big dogs named Cowboy and Wally (a rescued Weimaraner and a rescued Greyhound), and a small rescued Miniature Pinscher named Duchess. I’m pretty good at imitating people. I will never kill an insect unless it is in my shower. Rainy days are my favorite. I get easily sick in the car, on airplanes, and swinging on swings. I have my nose pierced. Making people laugh is the best feeling in the world to me. I love, love, love to sing and I’m obsessed with yoga. I have an affinity for chicken fajitas and homemade chocolate chip cookies…though not at the same time. I adore anything chocolate (hold the nuts please), and I’ve only had long hair once in all my 30 years of life (I was able to keep myself away from scissors for about eight months). But…UPDATE! I am now attempting to grow my hair out. I might currently look like a little English boy with a “boyish bob” as my PopPop used to say, but I’m on my way.

The List Version:

1. I love animals! Me and my family have owned: rabbits, dogs, cats, hamsters, Texas horned toads, salamanders, fish (fresh and saltwater), frogs, a turtle, hermit crabs, a ferrit, boa constrictor, ribbon snake, water dragon, and rats

2. I’m convinced that everything would taste better if you add cream cheese to it

3. I love the smell of books. And more specifically…leather-bound books. Thanks to my dad, I will never be fully happy until I have all my favorite books bound by Easten Press

4. I love espresso and have an iced mocha latte every single morning for breakfast

5. I hate losing on ebay…and I never remember how competitive I am until someone tries to outbid me.

6. My husband doesn’t like it when I’m on ebay.

7. I use commas waaaaay too much. Sometimes, my, stories, look, like, 150 pages, of lists

8. I love to bake and my specialty is chocolate eclairs

9. If someone would make me a wardrobe of dresses like they wore in Pride and Prejudice, I’d wear them every single day…I swear

10. I love to laugh

11. I wanted to be a dolphin when I was younger, and actually perfected a 3-series dolphin jump out of the water

12. I broke my arm falling off a beach ball

13. I had my third child at home with a midwife in a bathtub…I tried with my fourth but had to go to the hospital

14. I can’t touch my feet to a pool bathroom/changing room without feeling noxious and going through a cleansing ritual at home

15. I’ve been to and worked in one of Mother Teresa’s Homes in Calcutta and have never been the same since

16. My best friends are my sister and my mom and I hardly ever go a day without talking to them at least once

17. Little House on the Prairie is by far my most favorite TV show of all time. I own all of the seasons, and still cry every time Pa makes that face…and you know what face I mean

18. My family is very big on nicknames that are used as real names. My nickname ever since I was a baby has been Little Lukerdeez or just Deez. I call my mom Wentz Slaw, and my sisters were Bean and Badger growing up. My amazing kids are nicknamed: Boopunkins, Bhurheemzey, ShootapMcPouis, and Boderz/Boda/Banes/Lisher or any variation thereof.

19. I get carsick very easily and have thrown up on almost every plane I’ve ever flown on…yes, the “doggy bags” are useful and needed

20. I have perfectly straight teeth and never had braces or a retainer

21. I love rainy days, thick blankets, and a mug of hot chocolate…all these at once and I’m in heaven!Photo 14

22. I think the world would be happier if we all spoke with British or Scottish accents. I mean really, how cool is the word “loo” for the bathroom…

23. I am a happy person unless my kitchen is messy…than I can be very cranky and hyper

24. I am full of hope

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