A brief ditty about myself


I have always had a heart for the broken, the outcasts, the abandoned, the left-behind, and the left-out. Whether it was saving worms off of the church parking lot after a hard rainy downpour, just sitting on the cold concrete holding orphan babies in one of Mother Teresa’s homes in Calcutta, sitting with the kids with special needs at lunch in High School, or saving an old, paralyzed dog left in the trash to die, it’s always been something that’s been inside of me.



And we’ve all felt a little—and sometimes, a lot–left-out, or forgotten or left behind. We’ve hidden our cracks and chips and broken places, been ashamed of our scars and wounds, unsure of our contradiction of good and bad—not realizing that those are the very things that make up the tapestry of who we are and make us not less for having them, but even more beautiful, more fascinating, more glorious.

The same with those abandoned dogs. They are made more precious because of their stories.  

Through my blogs and info on yoga and life and whatever else pours out of my fingers onto the keyboard, I hope to help you begin to know yourself and love yourself with all of your beautiful imperfections and to cultivate inside of yourself the courage to be authentically who you are and know that you are so, so, so very very loved.

And then through my information and write-ups about dogs in need, rescue organizations or chats about my own rescue journey with my dogs, I hope to not only give you a way to share the love that is inside of you and reconnect with your own tender heart, but to give these left-out, abandoned and left-over souls a second chance at a loving forever home.