Jun 15

Anvils and Cliffs

Photo 43My kids love to watch the old Coyote and Road Runner cartoons. They laugh at the coyote as he plots and schemes to catch the speedy bird only to wind up with an anvil on his head or taking a five hundred foot dive off the edge of a cliff.

You look at the coyote and think, “Just stop! Why go through the pain? Why try just to fail again?”

That’s kind of how it feels getting a rejection.

You send something that you have spent hours of time, and love, and energy on out into the great wide world. It’s a piece of yourself wrapped up in a funny story, or an engaging character, or in a touching moment.

And you want to share it with someone so badly that you’re willing to get the anvil on the head and you’re okay with falling off the cliff for the twentieth time.

You can’t give up.

It’s a piece of you. It’s a piece that thinks the world is pure magic and that life is a wild adventure. And heck, if you’re not getting hit on the head with an anvil or you’re not falling off cliffs, then you’ll never get to see the day when instead of hitting the ground once again, you find that somehow your wings work this time!

And on that day, you pull up into the sky and soar over the precipice where you fell so hard. 

You look down and realize that flying would never have been so exciting, and so wonderful, and so utterly amazing if you had flown the first time. 

That somehow the bruises and the bandages made flying that much sweeter. 

And as much as the anvils and the cliffs hurt…

I’ll take my chances.

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