School Visits and Presentations!

The following presentation options can be tailored to fit the needs and time-limits of your classroom, library, or school.

_Lindsey02Author Visit: In this presentation, Lindsay will read from Scones and Sensibility and then take students on her journey to publication. From her very first book in 5th grade to a two book deal with Egmont USA, students get to find out the amount of blood, sweat, and chocolate was needed to get to where she is now.

Creating Unforgettable Characters! Harry Potter, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Because of Winn-Dixie, The Tale of Despereaux, Scones and Sensibility. What has made these stories instant classics? Sure, the story is wonderful, the writing is superb, and the setting is well-written. But it was the characters that really made the story come alive. In this presentation, Lindsay will give strategies and insight into developing unforgettable characters. Literacy techniques that will be discussed are: voice, point of view, character traits, setting, freewriting, memory searching, and creating a character journal. A hands-on activity about creating characters will end the session.

You’re the Author! There are three parts to every story: the beginning, the middle, and the end. But there’s a lot more to each of those acts, isn’t there? In this presentation, Lindsay will go in depth with each of these parts of crafting a story, and then it’s the students’ turn to be the author! Attendees will brainstorm and then write down their own three acts, beginning the process of creating a story all their own. After this visit, teachers can use the work students produced to have them continue writing and revising.

_Lindsey03Re-Vision! For Lindsay, the blank page is the most terrifying part of writing. It’s full of the unknown and she finds she needs a lot of motivation to keep herself going. But revising? That’s where her fun comes in. Like a puzzle, she enjoys putting the pieces together correctly and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting and rewriting until it’s just “right.” In this presentation, Lindsay will talk about the revision process, and take the students through the revisions she went through with Scones and Sensibility, encouraging them that all writers need to revise and re-vision their work.

Sparking Stories: How do writers get their ideas? And then what do they do with their ideas to create a story? Lindsay will show students where those ideas come from, show them the notebooks that she takes with her everywhere, and then help spark new stories for the students through fun activities.

The Plot Thickens! In this plot-based session, Lindsay helps students understand what plot is, and discusses the different kinds of plots that they can use as they create their own stories. To illustrate plot, Lindsay will be reading from her own novel as well as other wonderful Middle Grade literature.

For Writer’s and Conferences:

1. Chocolate Eclairs, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and Cherries: How Incorporating Food Into Your Writing Can Add Spice to Your Manuscript

2. Finding Magic in the Details

3. Creating Characters That Laugh, Cry, Skip, Fall Down and Ultimately—Jump Off the Page

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