Nov 14

Author visit!

Last week, I got to visit with my daughter’s 3rd grade class and talk about Scones and what it’s like being an author. The kids were wide-eyed and inquisitive, their imaginations sweeping them off their feet, filled with creative, honest questions, and unjaded enthusiasm.

I remembered myself back in 3rd grade…Mrs. Zook’s class. I remember learning about China that year, seeing Mrs Zook’s stomach expand as she got closer to the time for her baby to arrive, and playing What’s Up 7Up on those days that we finished our work early. My best friend Beka and I started a cookie company and planned on selling them though I’m not sure if we ever really did. I remember at recess, searching for four leaf clovers out in the field and walking in the line on our way to art and music and gym.

In third grade I walked around wide-eyed, my mind bursting with imagination that illuminated the world. I asked questions unhindered, and engaged life with unjaded enthusiasm.

This is one of the reasons why I write for ages 9-12! An age range filled with such wonderful growth and change and emotion and humor and potential that it begs to be celebrated and recognized.

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