Nov 11


So much about being a writer and creating stories, and characters, and setting, happens in the awareness we create in ourselves as we walk around and live each day.

The awareness of the world and it’s happenings.

The awareness of the noises, and the sights, and the smells that surround us.

The awareness of the hundreds of characters that walk by us and around us and with us.

The awareness of the plots and themes of sadness and joy, heartache and love that are a part of every single day if you are a human being living on the earth.

Being aware that there is so much more to the drive to school, or the walk to the post office, or the flight across the country than just the act of driving, or walking, or flying.

The awareness that everything around us is filled with so much life and character and setting that it’s literally an overflowing waterfall. We as writers and humans just have to be aware of the cascading water, and instead of passing beneath, or over, or even through the pounding water without ever really noticing it, we must stop for a moment and feel the spray on our face, and hold out our cup and let it fill up.

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