Jul 3

Back from vacation


I just go back from a two week vacation back east. I was visiting my parents and the town and home that I spent most of my childhood. It’s always glorious to go back home. Anticipation builds as each moment pulses by and we get closer and closer and closer to my home. And even though Home, for me now, is Colorado, the house on Meadow Lark Lane (isn’t that a romantic street name?) will always be home too! I love the smell when I walk in the door. It’s a smell that I wish I had bottled up somewhere so I could smell it anytime I wanted to. Then there are the leather bound books stacked on the bookshelf, the picture of me and my two sisters when we were little, my mom’s jewelry box that I remember digging through when I was four, and the little dish and brush my dad used to shave with in the mornings. Then there is my old room. My lamb and blanket that I had since I was born sits on the bed, the stickers I put on the mirror are still stuck fast and a box in my closet is filled with funny notes between my friends and I. Ballet costumes, year books, old pictures, awards, and books. Pieces and bits and scraps of my life. And all of the memories I recall are like coming home.

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