Dec 11

Celebrate my amazing-wonderful-brilliant-Agent Post!

There are travel agents and there are undercover agents and there are real estate agents and there are talent agents.

And then the cream of the crop are literary agents.

And then, above all agents everywhere in the world–on top of the cream of the crop–there is MY AGENT!

That one person who believed in my writing enough to say, “Won’t you be my client?” (maybe not in that Mr. Rogers type of way…but you know what I mean).

That one person who sent along one revision letter after another because she saw potential in my writing and myself as a writer enough to know that my manuscript could be better. And it was because of her questions and her suggestions and her insights that it became better.

That one person who was savvy and knew just the right editors to send my manuscript to.

That one person who encouraged me when the rejections began to pile up.

That one person who has been supportive of every manuscript that I’ve shown her…always seeing the potential in it and gently steering me in the right direction when I felt like I was floundering somewhere in the Atlantic without a paddle.

That one person who is my advocate in the great wide world of publishing, and who has made me ten zillion times better of a writer than I was a year and a half ago.

Someone, whose questions and comments and suggestions have made my dialogue come alive, my characters have motivation, and my plots have backbone (cause my plots sometimes have the spine of a jellyfish…and yes, jellyfish don’t have spines…so enough said).

I think my agent, Rebecca Sherman, is outstanding in every sense of the word and deserves to be recognized as the savvy, professional, friendly, and brilliant agent that she is!

Thank you so much, Rebecca! Know that today you are celebrated for the amazing work that you do and for the outstanding person that you are!


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