Oct 5


Halloween is coming up quick.

Pumpkins are starting to make their debut on porches, hoping above all else that they will last till that last night of October where they can smile out into the night. Candy of all kinds and sorts bide their time contentedly in over-size bags until the moment when “trick or treat” is sounded out and  they will be dumped unceremoniously into pillowcases, plastic bags, and pumpkin bowls. Costumes line the aisles of every store where kids can pick to be anything from an oversized hot dog to a gothic teen mummy or a UPS man.

And I loved carving pumpkins, pulling out the gooey insides and then roasting the seeds in the oven, setting a small candle in the middle and watch it flicker in the dark. And the mounds of candy: snickers, milky ways, butterfingers, gum, smarties, and those orange peanuts that I always threw out. But my favorite part of Halloween was always the costumes. Pretending to be something else or someone else for just one  night.

Yet there is a piece of us reflected in each of those costumes we so meticulously chose.

A piece of us that liked to reveal to everyone that underneath our seeming normalcy  we were really adventurous like a hobo, mysterious as a ghost, courageous like a super hero, beautiful like a princess, or silly as a giant hamburger.

We show everyone that really we are more than we seem at first glance.

And we are.

2 Responses to “Costumes”

  • I have already gone through countless bags of candy corn, I love Fall/Halloween. Any costumes for you my dear?

    • lindsay says:

      Hi Megan! Thanks for commenting!

      Yeah, I didn’t have a costume at first. Then over the weekend I found this “Austney” type dress in a box of old clothes…I can’t wait to wear it!

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