Mar 17

Do not disturb

These words are:

Hung on doorknobs

Sticking out of newly planted grass or flowers

Taped to the door of a classroom

Whispered while the baby or child falls asleep

Written in the atmosphere at the library

And the exact words I feel when I watch my family

Exactly what I think when I finish a book

Do not disturb me.

“I’m absorbing my family right now. I’m watching them laugh. I’m trying to memorize the sound of their giggles, the way the sun flashes across their faces, the way the breeze wrestles their hair into knots.”

After I read a book that has touched something deep inside me, I feel much the same way. Like I’ve taken a drink from something holy and to open another book right away would be something disgraceful and unforgivable.

In those Do Not Disturb moments I know that I have touched magic, that grace has seeped into my skin.

Of course, I must move out of the moment because there are more moments waiting for me.

And I must shelve the book and pull a new one from off the shelf so I can experience magic once more.

But for now. For this moment.

Do not disturb.

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