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Once upon a time there was a husband and wife just starting to build their family. They had three girls one after the other and really very fast. so fast that people thought they were impractical and that their way of having a family just didn’t make sense.

But they didn’t care cause they were very happy all together in a small little house just big enough for them, a black and white cat, and her three babies. Photo 52

But even though they were very happy they didn’t have much money to buy things like food or clothes. 

“You need to get a job,” people said. “Selling cars, or painting houses, or something practical like that.” 

But the man had a dream to one day become a dentist and help people smile bigger and wider and more proud at the world.

This meant that the man had to go back to school. 

That meant the wife had to find a way of making money on the side, and the man had to have other jobs to pay for the potatoes they ate for dinner each night.

Many people told the man and wife that they needed to be practical. That going back to school was not a good idea. That having two jobs was useless, that his dream—their dream—just didn’t make sense.  

            But the man didn’t care.   

            And after he finished his school he became a dentist. He helped people to smile wider and bigger and prouder at the world.

            And all the while he and his wife asked his three beautiful girls, “What do you dream of being when you are older?”

            And maybe the girls said, “Princesses.”

            And that isn’t practical, is it? And really, it doesn’t make sense. Honestly, it’s just plain silly.

            But the man and wife never told them that.

            Instead they said, “You can be and do whatever you want to.”

            And so the girls dreamed of being singers, and ballerinas, and dental hygienists, and actors, and artists, and hair stylists, and writers.

            And never once did they think that they couldn’t do it.

            Never once.

            Some people thought their dreams were unpractical, or useless, or just plain silly.

            But still they dreamed.

            And what people they became.

            Writers, singers, artists, hair stylists, writers, mothers, wives.

            And still they are not afraid to dream.

            Most dreams aren’t practical and more often then not, they don’t make sense.

            But life really isn’t meant to be practical is it? And it definitely does not make sense most of the time.

            And I hope that when my children think of my husband and I’s life, as I think of my own parents life, they won’t say, “It was practical” or that “It made sense.” But that they’ll know that each day, we are trying to live and that each day we continue to dream.

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