May 24


Me and 5 other Egmont authors have teamed up this week to celebrate our wonderful traditional publishing house Egmont USA! I will be visiting their blogs to answer funny, insightful questions and they will be joining me on my blog as well.

Today, I have the amazing Kristina McBride whose book THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES officially releases on May 25th!

May 25th, you ask? Yes, that is tomorrow!

Now, each of my fellow authors will be answering the same series of questions from me, but rest assured, their answers are as different as the amazing books they’ve written! Now, before I get into my short little interview, here’s a little bit about Kristina and her book THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES

Tidbit about Kristina: Kristina McBride, a former high-school English teacher and yearbook advisor, wrote The Tension of Opposites in response to the safe return of a child who was kidnapped while riding his bike to a friend’s house. She lives in Ohio with her husband and two young children. This is her first novel.

THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES blurb: What happens when your best friend is kidnapped – and returns two years later?

I’d also encourage you to take a look at her book trailer for the book which is excellent! The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride

So without further ado…here’s Kristina’s random thoughts on my random questions.

Kristina, if you could BE (actually BE) a main character in a book…what main character would you want to be and what book would you want to live in till the last page is turned?

Since To Kill a Mockingbird’s Atticus Finch, a character I would so love to be, doesn’t have a love interest, I can’t choose that book. I LOVE Margo Roth Spiegelman from John Green’s Paper Towns. Granted, she’s a little troubled, but aren’t we all? I wish I’d had the guts to pull of all the pranks she came up with. SO daring! And SO unlike me!

Oo, pranks! I do remember a few of those: rubber band around the fruit sprayer, mattress in the elevator during college, hiding in my sisters shower before she woke up…bwahahahaha.

Ahem…onto the next question.

Okay, Kristina, we all have to be prepared for the what-if’s of life. So I’m going to help you out with one that hopefully wouldn’t happen, but…you never know. Would you rather be kicked in the chest by a mustang or face-clawed by a cheetah?

Oh, dear. Do I have to? How about both – maybe that way I could duck out of the way and escape any injury while the mustang and cheetah battle it out. I am not a fan of being injured, you see.

We’ve all had the bad airplane experience. The layovers, the missed flights, the loud talkers, the leaning-against-your-shoulder-and-snoring passengers. But now I want you to dream big. Describe the best airplane experience you could ever imagine…however far away the dream might seem.

My best airplane experience would find me en route to Hawaii (or the Caribbean – I’m not picky) with my family. We’d have lots of fun excursions planned, and while my children slept next to my husband and I, giving us hours of totally relaxing peace, I’d be finishing up my next YA novel, gazing out at the clouds as I brainstormed that very important last sentence. Hmmm . . . I just re-read this question. Best airplane experience I could ever imagine? I’m thinking I should add that this plane is a private jet that I’ve recently bought with money from book sales. And there’s loads of chocolate on board! And maybe John Mayer has hitched a ride, and is playing acoustic guitar and singing softly in the background . . .

Thanks so much for being on my blog today, Kristina, and good luck on the release of THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES!

You can visit Kristina online at And to buy THE TENSION OF OPPOSITES just click here! I already have mine ordered!

Join me tomorrow with Egmont USA author, Alexandra Bracken!

I’m visiting Bree Despains blog today, so make sure to visit and get a chance to win a signed bookmark and vintage lace handkerchief from yours truly!

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