Dec 6


I find that expectancy is one of the most beautiful feelings I experience in my life and its most tangible and present in my life during this wintery, Christmasy, snow-flakey time of the year.

Though Christmas morning and Christmas night and all the Christmas in-between has always been filled with such a wonderful magic for me, I find that the weeks leading up to that morning and that day and that in-between are even better.

And it’s the expectancy that makes it so.

The expectancy of gifts opened and smiles and squeals.

The expectancy of December snowflakes, hot cocoa, and warm blankets piled up on top of my lap.

The expectancy of family and friends, twinkling lights, the scent of pine, sugar cookies topped with icing, and lots and lots of laughing.

I’m so full of December right now, of hope, and of expectancy

One Response to “expectancy”

  • Maureen Hume says:

    So very true! Expectancy is a fabulous feeling.

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