Feb 5


I got this amazing camera for Christmas this year. Really, it’s one of those ¬†”you could not take a horrible picture with me even if you tried” type of camera. Yes, it’s kind of full of itself, but really, it would be hard not to be so if you had as many features as this bad boy does.

One of the things that I’ve loved most about my new camera is focusing. I love looking through the view finder and pulling an image into focus, starting with the big wide picture and then watching the background blur. Slowly, twisting this way and that as my daughter’s smile becomes clearer, watching my son’s hands magnify so I can see each little line, John’s eyes deepen and sparkle in the light. Letting the background of scattered legos, or ruffled brown carpet, or finger printed wall fall into fuzziness so that I can see—really see what it is my eyes and mind and heart are drinking in.

Focusing on what really matters.

It’s so easy to focus on the background of life. To shift your gaze slightly, letting it rest on the in-completes, the mistakes, the unperfected, the stained, or broken, or washed-out things that are with us all. And even focusing on those backgrounds that are wonderful and miraculous and tear-jerking-happy.

Don’t get me wrong. Backgrounds are extremely important–more important than we actually give them credit for. They add meaning and depth and richness to any story, picture, or life…but they are not THE PICTURE. It’s the “what really matters” that we want to…twist…slowly…turn…slowly…focus in on and then


It’s those “what really matters” that we will pull out of the shoebox and flip through when we are tired and spent and lost. And in those moments, won’t we be so glad ¬†that we didn’t let the backgrounds crowd the picture? That we can still see clearly a daughter’s smile, a son’s hand, and a sweetheart’s eyes?

All those things that, when everything is said and done, really matter.

One Response to “Focus”

  • Suzanne Brown says:

    You know I love this, I get this!!! Don’t ever forget :)

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