Jul 29


Photo 222Propped up cushions, and chairs rearranged at odd angles. Every blanket gathered from the recesses of the rooms and basement, the closets and attic and then draped over furniture held down by heavy books or potted plants. A tiny little window of space is all that is left which is the doorway to crawl in or crawl out of. And that doorway is the veil that keeps magic inside the fort. The magic that allows for trees to grow twisted and tangled, or for secrets that shouldn’t be uttered outside of the doorway to be whispered. It’s safety and adventure. A place to cry all alone, and a place to giggle and squirm and be tickled till you can’t breathe.

I’m convinced everyone needs a fort

One Response to “Forts”

  • admin says:

    I agree! forts are my absolute favorite!

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