Sep 22


I usually try to write some thought-provoking entry, something deep and penetrating that either causes a reader to pause and reflect or weep with insight.Photo 73

Not so today.

Today I’ll write about how I’m just so gosh-darn (oh yes, I just said gosh-darn) happy, elated, blithe, rhapsodic, and felicific! (Can you tell I got a hold of my thesaurus?)

Anyway, in my extreme place of Elysium (state or place of perfect happiness) I have discovered something…yes, you knew I wouldn’t be able to let go of “deep thoughts with Lindsay” for very long, though I did manage a few paragraphs.

The thing that I realized is that I am most likely no better of a writer than most out there. (okay, that realization brought me out of Elysium and into just plain old happy). What I think has separated me from other writers is that I really, truly, deeply wanted this with all of my heart. And not only did I want this, but I was willing to do the work needed to get there.

I’ve written over fifty stories and novels that will never be seen by another human eye. There will surely be more of these.

I’ve been told by critique members that what I’ve written isn’t what it could be. They are sure to say this again.

I’ve cried. I will again.

I’ve revised and rewritten. I am doing this right now and will always be doing this.

I’ve received too many rejections to count. I will receive more.

I’ve stared at my blank computer screen for hours with nothing to show but a sentence I end up deleting. I will do this again.

But despite the work I have done and the work I will do, I will not stop.

I will keep going no matter what.

Cause that is what we writers do…that is what we humans do. Cause we realize it is only when we stop, when we quit trying, that we ever really fail.

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