May 17


I graduated High School 13 years ago…13 YEARS! In some respects, it seems like just yesterday that I was swooning over my Environmental Science Teacher, eating a warm Irving’s Bagel at lunch, or driving around with my sister in our old BMW listening to Bob Marley and Rusted Root with the top down. In other ways, more has happened in the past 13 years than I ever thought possible.

Life has had it’s twists and turns and surprises since that sunny afternoon when I walked across the stage with my diploma in hand. But one thing hasn’t changed from 13 years ago.

One thing is exactly the same.

My longing and anticipation for summer.

Ice cream


tank tops and shorts

flip flops



walking on gravel paths


swimming pools


sleeping in

pj days

staying up late

bike rides

reading books on rainy days

rushing brooks

green leaves

budding flowers


time with my family

Some things haven’t changed.

And I bet they never will.

2 Responses to “Graduation”

  • lyndi geyer says:

    great blog!!

  • Suzanne Brown says:

    much love to that little car and the crank sunroof (sen me on mah way hey)… Creamery not Meyer Diary bc the swinging door, abercrombie best tanks,shorts and flip flops…still, punk for the bugs…gosh I wish I had that stuff…welch pool on my birthday…chatting with you in bed until we both fell asleep…walks around the lake…and the best feeling of summer being cold and hot at the same time ;) Love you Deez

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