Sep 5


Photo 37If you haven’t noticed, I like food…a lot. I like eating food and cooking food and smelling food. I also love eating homemade food created by other people. Kent and Melissa’s homemade pizza and pineapple flambe. Phil and Anne’s walnut-chicken pasta and melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies. Chris Gygi’s broccoli chicken he created himself.

And every time we get together I become more convinced that everything is better homemade.¬†When it’s diced, mixed, measured, and created by an individual rather than something that has been mass produced for the thousands by a flick of a switch or the hum of a machine. Not only does the food just taste better, but I like the thought of someone making something with their own hands, adding a little piece of themselves…their individuality and flare, and then giving it away for others to enjoy. It turns from something that is merely food to digest into something that is both personal and intimate.

And as authors, this is what we do. We take a piece of ourselves and we mix and beat and measure it out. Then we craft a story and infuse each paragraph and chapter with a piece of our hearts–we serve it to you. And though not everyone may like it, though you may not connect with it or it may not be your favorite, each work is a piece of the author, and for that I cannot help but appreciate each book I glance at on the shelves or pick up and take to the register. I appreciate it because someone decided to send a piece of themselves out into the world…they have mustered up their courage and placed themselves in front of the whole world to look at and read and criticize and praise.

So with the smell of dinner coming from the kitchen, the clatter of silverware being placed on the table, and a new book in my hand, I can’t help but take a deep breath and smile.

Yep…Homemade is always better.

One Response to “Homemade”

  • Megan says:

    Homemade anything is better…and usually made with love and care. What a gift that we are able to express and create.

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