Jul 22

Houses and Homes

I’ve moved around a lot during my thirty years of life. Growing up I went to five different elementary schools, we moved to and from five different towns/cities, and I’ve lived in over eleven different houses. And in each school and place and house, I’ve left a little piece of me behind. Maybe a penny lost in a tread-bare carpet, a marker streak on a wall, that shoe I never quitePhoto 217¬†found, a scratch-and-sniff sticker that refuses to come off the trim. Then of course, there are those stories the walls and the doors, the windows and the floor could tell. The sound of my feet tramping as I was chased by my sisters, the harsh yelling of words we wished we’d never said out loud, silent tears over that broken heart, the hearty laughter of jokes and stories and just being together as a family.

But home isn’t a house, is it? It’s not the penny in the thread-bare carpet, it’s not the doors or walls or roof.

It’s the people that we hug when they come home to visit, that we laugh with at the kitchen table, fight with in the halls, and cry with on the couch.

Those things are home.

And that kind of home can’t be sold or left or torn down.

And that to me, is a very happy thought.

2 Responses to “Houses and Homes”

  • Sean says:

    This post is beautiful and 100% accurate.

    I too moved around quite a bit, and was just ‘home’ visiting my parents with Elisa back in the Boston area, so many of your thoughts actually ran through my mind while we were there. Each place had a very dear place in my heart, but wherever any member of our family happens to be at any given time, reminds me of those memories that I hope will never fade.

    Your ability to express yourself through words is truly amazing.

    I hope you and your family are continuing to do well

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