Dec 18

I LOVE My Editor!

The top 10 reasons I adore my editor–the wonderful, vivacious, and hilarious Elizabeth Law!

1. Confident…Elizabeth exudes confidence in everything that she is. She is ccompletely confident in who she is as a person as well as an editor, confident in what she likes and doesn’t like, and confident in her choices. I can’t tell you how relaxed and comfortable I feel knowing that my book(s) are in her capable hands!

2. Professional…She is not only completely personable in every way, but she is totally professional and savvy…a woman and editor who takes her job seriously but not in a t00-serious way

3. Advocate for writers…Elizabeth is always, always, always sharing advice and her thoughts on writing and pulishing and revision to aspiring writers as well as to established writers and I don’t know of any other editor out there right now who spends so much time helping others succeed.

4. Understanding…Elizabeth knows the weaknesses in my writing and asks the perfect questions that not only remedy the problem, but have made me a better writer in every way.

5. Risky-business…and I’m not talking about Jacob Black’s abs. I’m talking about an editor who not only scuba dives (something that is completely terrifying to me), but a few years ago she left her job to become the publisher of an unknown (at least on US soil) and unestablished company, hiring brilliant minds to accompany her and then bringing that company to the forefront of Children’s publishing. WOW!

6. Romance…She is overly-dramatic and overly-romantic making her my long-distance very bosom friend as well as the best, most-capable editor for Polly Madassa’s story ever…and thus the very best editor for me.

7. Passionate…she is passionate not only about Twilight (yes, in honor of her, I think I must mention Twilight at least a few times in this post), but about books and specifically about Egmont’s authors and their manuscripts.

8. Funny and Hilarious…sadly I have yet to meet Elizabeth in person, but each Tweet and Facebook update is enough to have me completely cracking up and wiping tears from my eyes.

9. TV…as a person who doesn’t have TV (just a television that we can watch movies on)…so I never get to see Glee, Idol, or Top Model. But it’s nice each day because I usually can get a play-by-play of every show, and it’s always hilarious and, lucky-for-me, commercial free!

10. Twilight…this one word alone should say enough to the millions of Elizabeth Law fans, but I must continue: not only is Elizabeth heartily Team Edward (besides Jacob’s abs, that I admit, are delish) like myself, but is obsessed with all that is Twilight and keeps me in the know of all of Robert Pattison’s movements.

So, thank you Elizabeth for being the amazing editor that you are and for being such a wonderful person! Know you are celebrated and loved today!

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  • Kristin says:

    Awesome shout out.

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