Oct 9


Linds in IndiaI have been to India twice.

Seen the beautiful smiles, gazed at the vibrant colors, tasted the spicy food, felt the drenching heat.

A country so breathtaking and a people so hospitable and wonderful, I felt like family.

I have beheld the gut-wrenching poverty, the heaviness of starvation, the hovering of death, the abandonment of babies.

A country so heartbreaking and a people hanging onto strands of hope.

I have felt the wind blowing against my face with my head out of a speeding rickshaw, out a bustling train.

I have held onto the narled beautiful hands of an old woman, held small babies close, close, close.

So close I felt like my heart and my world would expand so much that  it would burst inside me.

How I love that country, with all of it’s contradictions: the beauty with death, the smiles with tears, the color with the poverty.

It takes your breath away and sweeps your heart inside it.

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