May 14

It’s coming…

Photo 120So my release date is only 222 days, 5331 hours, 319898 minutes, and 19193930 seconds away (not like I’m counting or anything). 

And each day, hour, minute, and second is wonderfully exciting and utterly terrifying at the same time. 

I can’t wait to walk into a bookstore and find my pretty cover (and yes, my editor sent me my cover which is perfect…but you’ll just have to wait a tiny bit longer for that) with my words–MY WORDS! on the shelf. Through rejections, lot’s of sweat, more rejections, critiques, and more sweat, my book will be really really real. And anyone in the world will be able to buy it and start reading.

And that is when the panic sets in.

What if they don’t like it? 

What if it stinks? 

What if they love it and want more but I just can’t create the same magic again? A one hit wonder?

What if it’s not good enough.

What if I’m not good enough.

Yep. You wait years and work and work and work thinking, “If only I get published then I’ll really, and truly know that I don’t just stink at this writing thing. And then when you DO get published the fear is still there but it’s just morphed into a “What if no one likes it and I really do stink, but now it’s worse cause the whole world knows that I do.”

But honestly, not everyone will love my book and I’d be silly to think that everyone will.

But there’s always hope and that’s what I hang my hat on every time I sit down to write, every time that I think about my books release day approaching.

I just try to sit back, smile, and hope.

2 Responses to “It’s coming…”

  • Oh, this expressed my feelings so perfectly! But now of course I have to sit down and work out my exact number of days, too. I HAVE TO KNOW! ;)

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