Sep 16


Books are amazing things no matter how they are laid out or formatted or…bound. I love the paperbacks and hardbacks, fiction and nonfiction, funny or sad, historical or modern, prose or verse. If it is a story that captures my attention and clings to me so much that it becomes a part of who I am, I could care less whether it’s written on newsprint or if Martha Stewart herself hand-bound it using twigs and pheasant feathers.

And even though this is the complete truth, and I’d hate to be the one that says she judges a book by it’s bound type, but still I’d be lying to you all if I didn’t say that leather hardbound books are something of a not-so-secret pleasure of mine.

I adore them…everything about them. The hard, yet softness of the leather, the golden edged pages, the satin bookmark, the crack of the spine, and most of all…the smell of the pages.

Yes, every year when I visit my parents in Pennsylvania I always stand for a few minutes everyday admiring the two large bookshelves lined with golden embossed spines of some of the most beloved classics in all of literature.

The books make me sigh, I have to admit.

But though I’ve told you why I love them, I guess the other question is the why of the why?

Why do I love the smell and the pages and the bookmark so very much?

I think it’s because they are elegant-looking (and I really like elegant things), they are old-fashioned looking (and I also like old-fashioned things), and for some reason they make me think of cold, rainy evenings sitting in a chair with a soft blanket and a cup of hot chocolate beside me, and, of course, a fire dancing in the hearth (oh yes…I just used the word hearth). And that scene right there is just about perfect for me.

See, I warned you that I was overly-romantic.

But there, now you know why I hope to one day own a whole room full of leather bound books and just sit in there all day long and touch them and smell them and read them while I drink iced mochas and eat chocolate eclairs until I’m nice and plump.

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