Jun 30

Like a child

Photo 58A few years ago, on an outing to the zoo, my kids and I came across the most extraordinary thing, at least for my children.

Elephant poop. 

They stood in awe at this massive mound of feces, they then wondered about other animals poop, and finally they burst into giggles at something that at the same time was so disgustingly stinky and gross as well as totally awesome! 

We, as adults, look at our children or the children around us and think in our mature, sophisticated thinking “Oh, they’re just kids.” We think smugly how nice it will be when they get older and can understand and have more intelligible conversations than how big elephant poop is. But really it is us, the sophisticated adults, who need to learn from them. 

Wonder. It’s a holy moment to see a child’s eyes grow wide at their first glimpse of the ocean. To hear them giggle in awe at the first snowflakes of winter or gasp at the moon hanging in the sky. How full our lives would be if we could see through their lens.

Dream. Children dream wild reckless dreams that they know beyond any doubt can be reached. We as adults cringe at dreams and analyze whether or not the odds of succeeding are in our favor. At an inkling of excitement over something, we immediately think of all the reasons why we shouldn’t do it, why we couldn’t do it, why we shouldn’t dream, why we shouldn’t strive for something as silly as that. How sad we must seem to kids.

Laughter. A child laughing is, in my opinion, one of the most breathtaking and beautiful things we will ever see.  They laugh easy and heartily. Never taking themselves too seriously, or you for that matter. If only we could laugh like that again.

Kids dream boundlessly, live in wonder joyfully, and laugh freely. It is my wish, my prayer, my desire that somehow instead of them becoming like me, that I, might live my life more like them.

After all, a child’s shoes are big ones to fill.

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