May 15

Magic and Life

Life.Photo 19

Right now at my house, it is spring. But does it look like spring?


This morning I woke up to six inches sitting like a thick layer of sugar on the deck rail. All our boots still sit by the door, our winter coats haven’t been put away, we still have the fireplace going in the mornings and evenings.

Around the trees though, we can see ground. The warmth from deep in the earth is melting the stubborn snow, and the birds have made their arrival known, though I’m sure after last night, they regret coming back from vacation to this. 

But life is popping up in places. Buds forming on the branches of the aspens, small bites of grass here and there. Then there is that life that is still buried under the four feet of snow in the back yard.

It’s hidden, but it’s there. 

That’s what it’s like with magic.

Heck, that’s what it’s like with life.

And all of life

        if seen through eyes that are open and thankful for another day

                is magic.

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