Sep 21

Morning Mocha’s

When I was little, the smell of coffee was disgusting to me and the taste was even worse. It tasted exactly like…well…burning. Like something was burnt. the only thing I liked about coffee was the gurgling sound the machine made when my parents brewed a pot, and the fact that my mom always let me pour the cream into her cup. I loved to watch the dark black liquid turn into a milk chocolaty brown when I stirred it gently with a spoon.

Fast forward to college when I spent almost a year as a barista in a high-end coffee shop, making macchiato’s, lattes, steamers, and cappuccinos for people who knew how much crema should be on the top of a pulled shot of espresso and only lattes with the signature Leaf poured on top would suffice for the customers. Working behind the bar at the coffee shop, I grew to adore the smell of espresso, though really I couldn’t say that I liked the taste of it just yet. Instead, I’d make myself what was called a Mocha Big-Train which was a tiny bit of coffee mixed in with ice and some other concoction to make something that was only one step away from a milkshake.

It actually wasn’t until a few years ago that I started craving an espresso. Still no coffee, mind you, because to this day it still tastes like…burning in my mouth.

Then for Christmas four years ago, my parents came to visit, and amongst the princess costumes, the cars scattered around, and the wrapping paper covering the hardwood floor, my espresso machine was unveiled.

Silver, stainless steel, shiny, and full of deliciousness, I began my mocha making at once.

And now, four years later, I have made a mocha or an iced mocha…Every. Single. Day. Sometimes twice a day. The smell is now one of my most favorite things in the world.

So yeah, I guess I’m getting a little “Folgers in your cup commercial” on you right now, but I don’t think you’ll cry.

Still, mocha’s in the morning are not only part of my routine now, but when I drink them they sometimes remind me of pouring cream into cloudy coffee, working late night shifts at the coffee shop attempting the perfect cup, christmas time, my wonderful parents, the kitchen in my parents house, my kids saying, “are you making yourself a drink now?”, quiet mornings, not-so quiet mornings, fireplaces, sunny days, writing, reading, writing, and then writing some more.

And maybe it’s silly to put sentimentality into a simple espresso drink, okay…it is silly…but still, I guess that’s just me. I like remembering and reflecting, because I know that all those memories are a part of what makes me who I am…be it good or bad or over-sentimental :) .

3 Responses to “Morning Mocha’s”

  • Renee says:

    I wonder what your kiddos will think and remember about your daily mochas. :)

  • Elizabeth says:

    I have heard alcoholics talk about their first drink, but I don’t remember mine. But I remember my first cup of coffee, and my first taste of coffee ice cream. Both were delicious (the coffee had milk and sugar in it) and I wanted more.

    I am a huge coffee addict, and spend far too much of my disposable income at a ridiculously overpriced coffee bar a few blocks from the office. What I wonder is, were those early samplings a warning about how much I loved the taste, and how hooked I would become later on?

    • lindsay says:

      Yes, I spend quite a bit on coffee as well! When I come to New York, we’ll have to go to that overpriced coffee bar and drink ourselves silly…or crazy! Thanks for commenting!

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