Jun 23


Mosaic’s are breathtaking things. Bits and pieces of colored and broken glass put together in a way that you’d never think could be possible when you look at the mess on the floor.Family Pics 132

Memories are much like mosaics.

Bits of words, a scent, a fleeting vision, a snippet of dialogue. Some memories can make us cringe with embarrassment, and others can still bring a chuckle after so many years. They are little tiny moments out of an entire lifespan that form how we think, what we are afraid of, how deeply we love, how fully we are willing to be loved, what we dream for, what we aspire to, what we think is laugh-out-loud funny or sobbing sad.

Whether we like it or not, our memories, both ugly and beautiful, are a part of who we are. They always will be.

So what do we do with them?

Do we allow those memories to be glued together into something warped and misshapen or do we pick up the pieces and, like a mosaic, create in ourselves a work of art?

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