Dec 31

My Review of the book of 2009

Every year starts out much like a book. We wipe the slate clean and start fresh when the sun rises on that January 1st morning. We set down the old book of last year and pick up that new book and start to read and live at the same time. 2009 started off much that way for me.


There was a whole lot of ups and a whole lot of downs.

Tension on every page, dramatic and rising action, page-turning chapters that leave you on the edge of your seat (or awake at night), emotional crying scenes and those that leave you laughing out loud, a few villains here and there, and just enough heroes and rescuing to make you let out your breath and sigh with relief.


When I look back on this 365 page book, colored with the good and the bad, the climactic and the anti-climactic…I think it was a brilliantly wonderful book–one of my favorites yet–that I will place on the shelves somewhere inside me and glance at and think back on and treasure with all my heart–they are memories now…and memories, unlike real books, cannot be relived or re-experienced. So as much as I loved and adored this book, it’s time is done and the possibilities that will accompany the next one await to be read and lived when the sun rises tomorrow morning on January 1st, 2010.

Happy New Year one and all!

One Response to “My Review of the book of 2009”

  • Your posts are always so insightful! I never thought about memories like that, but you’re so right, you can’t relive them the way you can just reread a book. Something books have over real life.

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