Sep 27

No writer is an island

Writers are often loners. Not that we aren’t wonderful, amazing, and friendly as well ( :) )…but we also enjoy being on the outside of things: observing, listening, hiding under tables, our ears pressed against doors.

But no writer, however much of an island he or she may be…is an island.

This past Friday, I attended, courtesy of my wonderful publisher, The Mountains and Plains Independent Booksellers Convention. The hotel off of I-70 was packed wall-to-wall with book buyers, book sellers, and book reps, authors, illustrators and publishers…all there because of one common theme: we all love books.

But these booksellers are the little independent stores that you find tucked away on main street, with the little bell that dings lightly when you walk in. ┬áThe ones that aren’t connected with the huge chains, but bookstores that survive on the loyalty of their customers, that read each title that comes through their doors, booksellers that know where each book belongs in the store and which costumers would love it.

And I realized walking down the aisles of books, talking with dear author friends, and then dining with muliptle independent booksellers…how lucky I was to be there in their midst. And how much weight these ants among giants carry on their shoulders and how very loud their voices are!

Yes, books must speak for themselves…that is their job. But these booksellers, who take such pride in their work and who go to such lengths to support local authors and debut authors and books, must not go unapplauded for the care and the effort they place in their task of selling good books!

And so, I say thank you to all of the Indies out there! Thank you for helping me and my book find our way in the wide world!

One Response to “No writer is an island”

  • Seriously, I love all your posts. I’m always nodding in agreement or tearing up (in a happy way) while I read them.

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