Nov 7

Observations from a coffee shop

I’m sitting in a coffee shop right now, my laptop in front of me, and though my headphones are in, I don’t have music playing on them. Instead I’m listening.

Listening to the coffee grinder whirring, laughing coming from the two employees behind the counter, the frothing of milk. Frank Sinatra croons from the speakers and I’m thankful that the music is not too loud today.

“Thanks, have a great day,” the manager says and hands over a Christmasy looking cup to a short woman with hair almost longer than she is.

There is young guy on a cell phone, his voice traveling around the room. He needs to find a library that’s open so he can print something, he’s looking for a job it sounds like.

A girl runs her fingers through her brown hair, then takes a sip of her drink, stealing a glance at the boy sitting across the room from her. He’s reading intently but glances up briefly from his book, looking at her from under the brim of his hat.

Shy looks and the hope for something more.

The boy beside me is talking to someone on the other end of his cell phone. He’s gonna be set up with a girl named Casey. “Yeah dude, let’s make it happen.” I wonder what Casey thinks.

A man get’s up and puts on his coat, throws away the remains of his drink and wonders outside. He’s meeting his family but I don’t find out where.

Two dark haired boys with dark chocolate eyes peek in through the door and smile, looking around for excitement like all kids do. Both of their hands hold onto juice boxes and a treat in a crinckly bag. Their voices echo in the otherwise quiet room and I can’t help but smile as their mom herds them out of the shop and onto a bench. I can see them sitting down and poking each other in the arm from where I sit.

So many lives interact and intersect in the coffee shop, right around me. Lives passing by, sitting next to me, sitting across from me. Lives that come into contact with mine for brief moments out of a lifetime. And much of my everyday life is made up of these fleeting connections with strangers. Fleeting moments that make up a lifetime.

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