Mar 20

Old and Worn

My daughter asked me just this morning, “why do stuffed animals get ruined the more you love them?”

And when she asked me this I couldn’t help but think of the stuffed animal in question: my daughter’s sock monkey named Jer-Jer. This monkey accompanies her every where and isPhoto 179rarely out of her embrace. His arms have been sewed up twice as were his legs, the yarn that was once his mouth is now a black sharpie line, and he has holes in his legs and his ears. He has been chewed on by a neighborhood dog, dragged through the dirt, spit-up on, and soaked with tears. 

And though ruined is not quite the word I would use, in a way…it is.

He has been forever ruined by such great love.

And isn’t that the way of love and of life? We are so much like a well-loved stuffed animal. As we make our way through each day and week and month and year we are dragged through the dirt and chewed on, we are hugged and kissed and adored, we have holes that are sewn up the best that we can, and we’re missing stuffing, and sometimes even our smile.

But each one of us is loved…truly loved.

And when we reach that point in our lives when the end comes, we can either look back at our lives with a frown and say, “it’s ruined.” Or we can look at our lives and smile and know that yes, we’ve been wonderfully ruined by a life filled with the heartache and joy, the harshness and softness of real love.

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