Jan 26


About two years ago, I took out the movie disc “Cars” from its case and slipped it into the DVD player. My son, Isaac, still thrilled with the movie even after seeing it over thirty times, wiggled on the couch and said in a tone brimming over with excitement, “Mama, I wonder if Lightening McQueen will win the race this time?”   Photo 156

I stood there stunned for a moment, wondering if he was making a joke, and obviously smirking to myself because my little boy is so stinking cute. But his face, intent on the screen, wasn’t joking. It was a face enthralled and filled up with the element of suspense and possibility.

After seeing the same scenes, hearing the same dialogue, laughing at the same parts thirty times before, he still felt as if “maybe, just maybe, things will be different this time.”

The possibility was there for him.

And our lives are kind of like those DVD’s…or at least the things that have already happened are. We can’t erase are yesterdays, we can’t change them, we can’t wish or hope or dream them away. They are there, written, and burned forever. They won’t ever change.

And that’s okay. Cause that’s what makes our lives happy, and sad, thrilling, and boring, painful, and inspiring, and ultimately beautiful.

But unlike a DVD, the story doesn’t end there, does it? Cause our life isn’t over yet…the DVD isn’t finished playing. There is still time for the possibility of happiness, and sadness, thrills, and yawns, pain, and inspiration. Possibilities.

And that thought, to me, is so wonderful, cause it is filled up to the top with hope.

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