Sep 29


Photo 45So I just missed National Punctuation Day where everyone…or at least everyone that loves punctuation…celebrates those commas, periods, exclamation points, parentheses, and ellipses. But it isn’t a wonder that I missed this grand yet awkward celebration, seeing as how I myself am not very good at using them.

But of course, they are the backbone of writing…or at least maybe the small pinky toe, because without them we’d never know how a sentence was said, or what the sentence, paragraph or book means for that matter…so yeah, maybe they are the backbone.

And as I try to write this right now with a witty sense of humor, you may think that I do not like these little bits of jewels that sparkle throughout writing, but that is entirely not true.

Actually, me and the comma are quite good friends…perhaps too good of friends most of the time. I often find myself just sprinkling him throughout my sentences like I’m dusting a chocolate eclair with powdered sugar (and I like A LOT of powdered sugar on my eclairs). Little bit here, a few there, a whole lot there…and oh look! That sentence definitely needs a little bit of comma in it’s life.

And I do try, really I do–to use the comma and all of his punctuation friends–correctly. But still, as my fingers flutter, flicker, and fly over the keys, my middle finger on my right hand (which my typing teacher taught me in ninth grade) just automatically finds that comma and puts him in there.

And maybe you’ll look at my writing and think, “Well, a comma doesn’t belong there!”

But really, I just don’t like him to feel left out…everyone belongs right? :)

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