Aug 27


My husband and I love puzzles. The big 1000 piece puzzles that we have to spread across our kitchen table on our fold-up puzzle board (yes, we have one). We’re working on one now and we’re just about finished, which is both sad and good. Sad because we have such a great time together: eating abnormal amounts of ice cream, smack talking each other, listening to music, and laughing. Good because it becomes an obsession where it’s hard to tear ourselves away from the puzzle cause we think “just one more and then we’ll call it quits” or we go to sleep and all that we can see in our minds are puzzle piece shapes.

But anyway, like I said we’re almost done with the puzzle and this can sometimes be the hardest part. We’re left with maybe 100 pieces and little bits of the puzzle unfinished. You’d think it would be easy and obvious where the rest of the pieces go, but it’s definitely not. It’s only when you try them out every which way and they meld into the bigger picture that you say, “oh, of course that’s where it belongs. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.”

And we never really do get to see the bigger picture of our lives, cause we’re not finished putting all the puzzle pieces in the right spots, and sometimes the puzzle gets knocked a little and pieces fall out, but still each moment is part of something bigger than we think, more wondrous that we can imagine, more beautiful than we dare to believe, and more intricate and complicated than we could dream.

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