Jun 17

Random Things in my house

1. This is our trout or bass…or whatever kind of fish he is (I’m not a big fisher-woman) sitting on my office window. He’s been here since we moved in sitting right there on the window with no where to go. And though he isn’t the most inspiring sticker, he makes me smile and that’s ALWAYS good.

2. This is our climber. Our previous fireplace dweller was named Delta Force, but he lost a foot and was replaced a year ago with this guy. He’s pretty good, but Delta Force was a comrad that will forever be missed.

3. This is one of those posable drawing things that my 6 year old, Ella Jane, picked out at an Art Store. It’s supposed to be a dog…I think…but looks more like a lamb or a lamb-dog cross-mix. I guess if she ever draws fantastical beings, this will be a good place to start.

4. This is my floating-in-a-boat-guy that is sort of like the trout-bass sticker on the window: he makes me smile and for somereason he reminds me to dream big. And maybe it’s because he has big dreams of his own.

5. John got me this dancer a long time ago but I absolutely love it. It’s in a terrible place, but I’m afraid if I take her anywhere else she will be turned into a Star Wars character, or wind up in my daughter’s bed…as most things do…that has been named The Abyss.

6. These are Stained Glass Stars that me and the kids made last summer…or the summer before, they’ve been hanging up for along time. I adore stars, and love stained glass so it was so much fun to make these…though they are also the reason how my iron got ruined.

7. This is the large pink flamingo that Ella Jane taped extremely well to the wall just a few weeks ago. I’ve named him Freeway in honor of my Aunt Jill’s stuffed Flamingo that she travels with. *Update: Freeway was taken down shortly after and his removal will hopefully not be ┬ánoticed. Maybe I’ll send him to my aunt.*

8. This is a sign that has also been here since we moved in almost 5 years ago. It says Please Watch Your Head…which is verywise because for anyone over 5 feet who doesn’t duck will either be dicapitated or at the very least have a very nice goose egg on their forehead.

9. These are our snowflakes that the kids and I made a long time ago. “But it’s not winter anymore?” you may ask. “Why do you need snowflakes?” And that, my friend, is the reason why it’s a Random Thing in my house.

10. And this is just a small portion of the Rock Climbing wall John built in our attic coupled with a picture of the large orange and black hang board in our kitchen…yes, in the kitchen. If I didn’t have the pleasure of watching him do pull-ups on it then I would make him take it down, but as you may imagine…I kind of like it.

Anyway…that’s some of the randomness in my house. What randomness do you have in yours…cause please tell me I’m not the only one!

One Response to “Random Things in my house”

  • anne says:

    love it! especially number 10. you make me laugh. i will miss you over the next few weeks!

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