Oct 21


As many of you know, my five-year-old daughter got the top of her index finger cut off in a door hinge this past Sunday. To keep the story short and less gruesome (though Isaac, my second, thought the coolest part of everything was that the police found the tip later on), let’s just say that I discovered three things:

1. I’m not very good in trauma-esque situations

2. I’m so glad I didn’t try and go into nursing like I was contemplated in High School

3. Humans are  filled to the brim with beautiful resilience

The doctors were unable to reattach the tip of my daughters finger for multiple reasons, but her doctor is able to give her a slightly shorter, though normal looking finger.


They sutured her finger into a flap of skin from her thumb and bandaged it up. In this way, her index finger will literally begin the process of re-growing itself.

Upon hearing this, I couldn’t help but be floored with amazement at the awesomeness of ourselves as human beings.

We were created and born with resilience sewn inside us. A resilience that somehow knew that every day of living we may stumble, we will hurt, and we will be broken and shattered, but that inside of us is resilience so breathtaking it startles and floors us with amazement.

We have the ability to grow after tragedy, heal after wounds, restore after brokenness.

Once more I am amazed at life!

3 Responses to “Resilience”

  • Oh my God. I’m so sorry she and you had to go through this. As her mom, it must have felt terrifying! I’m so glad the finger can be regrown, though. Human resilience is amazing.

  • Suzanne Brown says:

    Amazing what you do with words. I felt the same way after Caleb’s surgery, and just couldn’t get it out in words. beautiful I love this one!

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