Mar 10

Revisions and Deadlines

Believe it or not, I like both of them…along with an iced mocha, of course, and perhaps a bit…or a bunch…of chocolate around. I’ll be updating my blog here and there, but because of said deadline I’m hunkering down into my office, closing the door, and turning the space heater on high cause Lord knows it is freezing in this office.

I will occasionally peek out at the world, cause it is a beautiful world, isn’t it? I will at least have to step out long enough to make the Applesauce Cake mentioned in my Amish Cookbook. Oh, I didn’t tell you I got this wonderful cookbook and that I’m completely obsessed with baking everything in the book just as the Amish do?! Well, now you know…and yes, this is the reason for my recent obsession with hand-cranked egg beaters.

I’ll keep you up to date on my newest over-romanticism, though I doubt I’ll ever revert to pinning my clothes together. A horse and buggy, on the other hand….that has potential

2 Responses to “Revisions and Deadlines”

  • Megan says:

    Good luck with all the work set before you. I am more convinced every day that we are kindred spirits – mochas, chocolate, baking —you’re the best.


  • anne says:

    you are hilarious, linds! can’t WAIT to read the next book! keep up the good work, my dear!

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