Sep 9


Baby shoes kick the air wondering what they are

Toddler shoes stumble and babble on the ground

Kids shoes run and run and run and run, jump, and run and run and run

Teen shoes kick back and kick off, swagger and even strut every now and then

Adult shoes walk sure and straight, confident in no where to go…then over years and years they shuffle down the hallway for a pot of tea and sound like slippers

New shoes click and clack, flaunt, strut, run, jump and dance to whatever music is played

Old shoes scuffle and talk when they walk, miles and miles and miles of memories to chat about

High heels, slippers, clogs, pedal-pushers, cowboy boots, sandals, tennies, flippers, cleets, clod-hoppers, rain boots


We remember the special ones. They’re hard to forget. Leaving an imprint on us somewhere…somewhere on our soles.

We remember.

The one’s we wore on the first day of 5th grade, or the heels we teetered on to the prom, the cleets that dug up the dirt during the game, the warm slippers we slipped our feet into by the fire.


Taking us places we want to go, and dragging us to those we don’t want to.

As torn and worn as we are, but as ready and eager to get out into the world and live as our hearts are.

Shoes and hearts walking through the door and out onto the sidewalk or dirt road and then covering the ground with steps, leaps, strides, and plain old living.

One Response to “Shoes”

  • Suzanne Brown says:

    Love this…you know how I LOVE shoes :)

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