Dec 1


I love this time of year…everything about it.

It is a time filled with memories that feel about as cozy and warm as hot chocolate, a crackling fire, and a soft blanket. Advent calendars marking the days till Christmas and heightening Photo 100the excitement with little open door. Christmas cookies in the shape of gingerbread men, holly leaves, and snowmen. The thick smell of evergreen floating through the air. A blanket of snow on the ground outside that is as smooth as steamed milk, sparkling lights and candles that smell of cinnamon and vanilla. The sweetness of Charlie Brown Christmas, the happy tears of It’s a Wonderful Life, the giggling and knee slapping of A Christmas Story.

I am deeply in love with it all.

Over the Thanksgiving Break, while the snow fell outside our window and we dawned pj’s all day, me and the kids made crystal snowflakes. Using pipe cleaners, borax, boiling water and a few drops of food coloring, we spent the day watching crystals form and cling to the pipe cleaners. At the end of the day, after waiting and watching, we pulled out snowflakes that glittered and flickered in the bits of light that reflected off the crystals. It was like watching magic happen and then holding it gently in your hands like something fragile and costly.

Christmas is magic and Christmas is memories much like those snowflakes. Memories that are fragile and costly and beautiful. 

We collect memories over time and each year. Memories as clear and shimmering as crystals. Memories that cling to our lives, become a part of us, and make us–over time–shimmer and sparkle like crystals.

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