Mar 23


Right now in Breckenridge, we’ve hit the sloppy springish-winterish part of the year. When the days are a little warmer. The sun is slowly melting the mounds of snow into little rivers that race down our dirt road and turn everything to mushy mud. Mud that eventually gets tracked all over my hardwood floors.

The time when the weather doesn’t seem to know what it wants.

In the summer, I wake up and know that it will be warm (warm being relative here seeing as we never get above 80) and there could possibly be rain in the afternoon.

In Winter, whether it’s sunny or snowing, I know that one thing is for sure–it’s going to be cold.

But spring is full of mornings of waking up and wondering.

Will it be 45 today?

Is there 7 new inches of snow on the ground?

You just never know with spring.

And for someone like me, who likes to plan out my days and map out the weeks and envision the weekends, spring is good for me.

It keeps me waking up in the mornings with surprise and wonder.

And whether that surprise includes muddy boots and footprints on the hardwood floor or snow covered hems and warm mittens, waking up with wonder is always good.

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