Jan 26

Stained Glass

How could you not love stained glass? There is an elegant and raw beauty in the transluscent color of stained glass. The way it captures bits of the sun and immediately illuminates a picture, a work of art, shards of glass glued together meticulously in an arrangement that makes you look up and take notice.

But stained glass isn’t always illuminated. Sometimes the sun isn’t hitting it at just the right angle and And the sun is not always at the right angle nor does the stain glass light up at night. And when it’s like that stained glass tends to darken, reflecting the cloudy day or the dark church or the night sky. A piece of art that is meant for those precious moments out of the day.

And there are stained glass moments through each day. Moments that are illuminated just for us—even if for a tiny second.

We just have to stop in the midst of our business, in the midst of our heartache or worry, and stop and look up and let the sun illuminate that moment that is all yours.

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