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The kids ran away with the spoons

Some things are just easy to lose.     Photo 31



paper clips


remote control


hair clips


The list goes on and on.

For me, it’s spoons.

Yep, they sit in the silverware drawer nestled in their own little slot looking very shiny and silvery and neat.

Then throughout the day they slowly start to disappear. At first their disappearance goes unnoticed, but then by the end of the day and there are only three spoons left in the drawer and we haven’t eaten ANYTHING that requires a spoon, I begin to get suspicious.

But of course, the first time this happened, I did not have to spend a long time contemplating the mystery. My son came inside, and as I gazed down at the drawer, he pulled out one of the remaining spoons and headed outside.

Runaway spoons indeed.

The yard is littered with them. They are used as shovels to dig in the dirt, stirrers to stir dirt into mud, and buried treasure that never seems to…um…get found again.

I remember doing the same thing with my mom’s spoons growing up. I remember they had a “D” engraved in the bottom which stood for our last name: “Devlin.” My sister’s and I would fill up the spoon with peanut butter and take it outside. There they would simply disappear. Other times I remember burying the spoons because really what could be better than digging in the ground and finding buried treasure.

And though I don’t necessarily like losing all my spoons to the outside, I can’t help but shrug and smile when I remember my own memories.

And I like the thought of maybe some little boy or girl digging up  the yard (with a spoon, of course) where I  lived a looong time ago and finding my buried treasure at last!

3 Responses to “The kids ran away with the spoons”

  • Alisa says:

    This is one of my favorite memories, too!

  • Janet Chase says:

    I have a vivid memory of being about 4 years old and being in a drainage ditch beside our house with a delicate long iced tea spoon and. . . my mom’s Bible. In my memory, I am vaguely aware that I shouldn’t have my mom’s Bible and a spoon out in the ditch, but since I can’t really figure out why, I shrug off the feeling and do whatever it is I’m doing. I wish I could see the whole memory–I’m dying to know what the spoon and Bible connection is.

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