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Photo 176 So I am now officially out of my twenties. Yes, I have embarked into my thirties and I am filled with excitement.

 For many people this age is hard…filled with a sense of the gradual loss of youth and the thought of “old” that you now attach to your  life. And it is true, just as in every age and stage of life…something is lost or gone or ended. Yet, at the same time, new and exciting  and thrilling things are just beginning! 

 So though a small part of me mourns over the end of my twenties and the fact that I can’t deny any longer that I do not look like a  college student, and I have been out of high school for eleven…wait, twelve years, I still can’t help but be excited about my thirties.

 Why not, right?

 My life these past thirty years…all these yesterdays that I have lived and loved and laughed through, have been filled with everything  from deep sadness and despair, to hope, love and overwhelming joy…so how can I not help but look on the next thirty years with  eager expectation.

And what will life hold for me tomorrow and the next day?

I have no idea.

It’s exciting to imagine tomorrow and what it will hold. What surprises will unfold. What sadnesses will come? And both of these are bound to come because that is life: the blending and merging of pain and sorrow with joy and elation and then everything in between. But, with friends and family who have loved me so well and have stood so close by me, why should I dread another year, why should I fear another day?

Cheers for another decade!

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