Oct 18

What Seasons do to me

I’m hopelessly romantic in the fall. The leaves raining down outside littering the ground with gold, the crisp air in the mornings bringing out the cozy woolen sweaters from deep in my drawers. The fire place is lit once more, and John and I can watch the flames dance on the walls at night as we’re cuddled on the couch. Iced mochas become hot mochas that I cradle in the my hands and gently blow across, scattering the steam. Apple pies, pumpkin bread, hot soup, and warm bread…

As winter sets in, Sentimental Me awakens (yes, if you can believe it, I am even MORE sentimental in the winter). Every moment with my family moves me to want to wrap every laugh, giggle, or cry…every ornament, bell-shaped cookie, snow flake, or pine needle in a blanket and bury it inside me so that I will never, ever, ever forget a second. The fire dances continuously and there’s the smell of sugar cookies, hot chocolate, and popcorn…

I’m continuously hopeful when Spring bursts through the snow, small buds of green awakening the aspens, warm afternoons, and dodging or diving feet-first into snow-melt puddles. There is the promise of warmth and sunshine and days spent outdoors, the lake begins to melt, and the drips from the roof ping…ping…ping on the deck like a countdown. And the countdown is the most exciting piece of spring. I move around in a continual expectation of something-about-to-happen. And though spring sometimes ducks her head every now and then as winter takes another jab…the something-about-to-happen always, always, always…happens. It’s all cupcakes, pastas, chocolate chip cookies, and fresh berries.

Summer I am carefree, drinking in the sun and the flowers and the laughter echoing in the woods like a tall glass of lemonade. Moving lazily through it like a leaf taking it’s time down a stream. I’m keenly aware of the sun inching across the sky and filled with the warring desires to run, hike or bike through each day or to just sit outside and soak in the sight of my kids jumping on the trampoline, or stare up into the sky and watch the great world spin around the sun. The smell is filled with barbeque, lemons, ice cream, and smores.

So I guess throughout the year I am either hopelessly romantic, carefree, sentimental, or hopeful…and sometimes, like now…I am all four at once.

3 Responses to “What Seasons do to me”

  • I wish I had written this myself, as it explains perfectly why I could never live in a place that didn’t have four seasons.

  • Suzanne Brown says:

    LOVE this because it is everything I LOVE about you!

  • Libby says:

    Lovely! It’s hard to encompass why Autumn is so inspiring but that is pretty much perfectly summing up what I feel.

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