Apr 8

What’s been happening?

I haven’t blogged nearly as much as I would like lately and am totally filled with blog-guilt. So here’s my attempt at making it up. Here’s 15 ¬†little snippets (I love that word) of what’s been going on!

1. Turned in Book 2 (not a sequel to Scones) to awesome agent who turned it into awesome editor who will hopefully faint at my extreme genious and word-prowess.

2. Last week we went to the School District Art Show where both of my daughter’s had a piece in the show, and went to the awards ceremony for my kindergartener who won 3rd place in a C0unty-wide writing contest. She won 2 tickets to the movies and my husband and I are thinking up ways to con her out of them so we can see a movie for under $20…I’ll let you know if it works

3. My three school-aged kids all have ideas for the school talent show. They are as follows: running around the stage on all fours like an animal, juggling a soccer ball, and drawing a large picture of a rat…

4. We went on a hut trip with some great friends this past weekend. Definition of hut trip: hiking all of one’s supplies (food, clothing, toiletries, blankets, snacks, games, toys) on John and I’s back whilst walking up a 2.8 mile trail covered in snow to a cabin filled with laughter, friends, and more hot chocolate and peanut M&M’s than a person could eat.

5. I’m brainstorming ideas for another novel and if you don’t know already, I tend to bake excessively when brainstorming. Monster Cookies, homemade honey wheat bread, a chocolate sheet cake, and raspberry breakfast bars are sitting in my kitchen and the only reason I didn’t make the carrot cake is because I can’t bring myself to put walnuts in a cake…it’s just not natural.

6. Getting ready for two events this weekend! I’ll be at the Meet the Faces Behind the Books: Author Open House at Englewood Library on Sunday. And me and author Alexandria Diaz will be doing a joint Author Signing/Presentation at The Boulder Bookstore on Monday from 7 till whenever they decide to kick us out. I’d love to see you there! I’m also doing a 15-stop blog tour at the end of April! I’ll give more details in a bit!

7. I suceeded in completely ruining not 1 but 2 flourless chocolate espresso truffle cakes that were complete disasters and wound up sulking in a chocolate mass in the trash can

8. My dog, Cowboy has me trained to take him with me in the car where ever I go (my husband LOVES this). If I don’t, he retailiates by knocking down the trash, eating anything on the counter, and opening up the cabinets…all without opposable thumbs.

9. Our oldest rat, and Ella Jane’s favorite of the four, died two weeks ago in her arms. Very traumatic for all of us, but we can see his gravestone from the back window.

10. I’m pretty-almost-for-sure that me and my entire family (mom, dad, sisters and their families) are going to the best place on earth this summer: Ocean City! Not only do I plan on doing a book signing (Scones was set in OC) while there, but I plan on eating my weight in Mac and Manco’s pizza, running it off in the mornings on the boardwalk where I hopefully will NOT trip, and hugging my family as much as I can.

11. Watched Into the Wild and fell in love with Eddie Veders voice once again, and vow to never forage for food…ever.

12. I saw two spiders in the last two weeks which is both exciting and terrifying. Exciting because that means the snow is melting and spring is here despite the five feet still sitting in our yard. Terrifying because I cannot seem to muster up any Charolette-type love for them or their eight legs when they’re in the bathroom (see About Page where I delve into this very subject).

13. I found out that all the boys in Gracie’s 3rd grade class listen endlessly to the eighties classic, “Eye of a Tiger.” Now I can’t get it out of my head…”When the last known survivor stalks his prey in the night…”

14. The World Cup is coming up soon and as a family, we’re so excited for it that we plan on getting cable for the month of June and John has actually spoken the words “I’d like to watch it on a bigger, nicer TV” which, in our 10 years of marriage, I have never heard before. Noah is cheering for Argentina, Gracie is for Italy, Isaac is for the USA, and Ella Jane is a German fan.

15. I’ve gotten over my fear of pistachios that has lasted these 31 years and now love to have a bowl around to snack on. I still however, will not eat pistachio pudding and refuse to put them in chocolate.

And that’s all folks!

3 Responses to “What’s been happening?”

  • anne says:

    you are hilarious, my friend! maybe we’ll have to come up to your house to watch some world cup soccer! : ) cable! what a luxury!!! : )

  • So excited about your next book! BTW, pistachio pudding rocks in a 4-layer jello mold. Will send recipe if you’re feeling risky…

    Have a great time at your events this weekend!! Post some pics!

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