Dec 7

Winner Announced and New Contest!

The new winner for this week is da…da..da..dummmm

Megan Hubbard!!

Megan won a signed copy of Scones, Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, as well as The Anne of Green Gables Cookbook!!

Congrats Megan! And thank you so everyone who commented and followed and announced it to friends! You guys are all amazing!

And now for this weeks Countdown To Scones Contest!

I’m writing a new novel right now and am in need of some creative, fun, name suggestions for a character! Here’s your chance to name a character in one of my books!

Leave your name suggestion in the comments section and I’ll randomly draw the winner next Monday! And as a disclaimer, I reserve the right to use the name for any character, minor or major, good or bad, clown or nemesis! So what do you win?

Well…you win your name will be used in one of my books as well as a signed copy of Scones and Sensibility and a Holiday Traditions book by Debbie Mumm that is filled with fun, festive ideas to celebrate this holiday season!

So get cracking! I look forward to hearing what you come up with!!

10 Responses to “Winner Announced and New Contest!”

  • Sara says:


    =) A very special name to me and one I’ve never used for a story yet. So- there is my suggestion!


  • Jame says:

    I love naming things. The temptation is to go with a funny outrageous name like Prudence Applebottom, which you are welcome to, if it is that kind of book. But if you need a more blend-in-able name, how about Miriam Luppy?

    Congrats on Scones—can’t wait to see it in person!


  • Lauren says:

    What kind of name? Boy or girl? Serious or silly? Ahh! Too many choices!

    I recently discovered a website called You choose names you like and it comes up with similar names. So I’m putting in Lindsay and my favorite it came up with is…

    Garrick! It’s a boy name meaning “oak spear.” Heheh, this is fun. Second place was Ramsey. I had a girl in a class named Ramsey once, and it can be a boy’s name too.

  • Alisa Stoner says:

    Wow–did you set a limit? Here’s a bunch to pick from: Percy Pickens, Mariana O’Dayley, Chuck Whimple, Josette Caliope, Ronaldo Winkle, and Demi Dumpkin … :) I hope you pick me this week :)
    Love you Linds ~Alisa

  • Anne says:

    well, since i never had a baby girl and never got to use my most favoritest girl name ever, maybe you can use it instead… gates! enjoy! or not. : ) if not, maybe i can convince one of my boys to use it for their baby girl someday!

    love you!

  • Wisteria says:

    Chester Valentine and Andalusia Winslow

  • Laci says:

    I have the hardest time coming up with names off the top of my head, but I’ll give it a shot.
    How aboutsome funny ones; Tommy Gunn, Scott Free, Pete Moss, Dwayne Pipe.
    My favorite name is what I named my little gril, Paisley.

  • I have a lot of names that I love and a great idea is to look up free online baby name books. I always use them when looking for character names. My favorite names change a lot but for right this moment I think my favorite female name is Minda, for knowledge. Or possibly Cherry or Lark. And for a male name I guess Derek or Ivan.

    Grats on all your success!
    Emma Michaels

  • Kristin says:

    I’ll throw out one boy and one girl name.
    Penelope Tulip; Charles “Chaz” Stapleton.

  • Wendy says:

    How about Wentz Slaw! haha

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