Jun 3

Writing and Throwing Up

My writing has been going really well over the past few days. My fingers have been click-clacking over the keys (thanks to a little help from that high school typing teacher) like a machine gun, and I feel like my new novel is going places. I planned on writing at least ten pages a day and I knew that if I kept that up I could have the whole novel done in less than a few weeks… 

Photo 197Enter, nasty sickness of death. 

Then yesterday, deep in the bowels of sleep…something was happening in my body. A little grumbling, a tiny bit of mumbling, and a whole lot of yuck. 

I don’t think I’ve ever slept so long in my life, and I was hardly able to keep my eyes open long enough to turn over or rush to the bathroom. 

And even though I only lost one day of my writing goal, there is always that element of surprise. The good, the bad, and the ugly that can creep in a mess with our grand plans. 

And that’s when we have to shrug and smile and say, “Oh well” and then get back to life. So, I guess it’s my turn to say it.

I’ll pull up my manuscript, shrug, smile, and say “Oh well” and then get back to work.

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